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    1) Boting wont be tolerated! (for bot explanation read here:
    2) No advertisements! (this apply also broadcasts and also “all” chats!)
    3) You may not engage in fraudulent behavior. Fraud is the misrepresentation of facts for personal benefit.
    Sharing account is allowed but players who will be suspected and proved that is sharing accounts will not receive help if will het into trouble connected with other person who used his account. In other words if someone give to freind account info, and this friend will do bad things durirng this time (rude BC, sell pets or stole items) – we wont help!

    Additonally, players who have few accounts are not allowed to compose more then 1 pet in the same time (FROM SAME IP). For example:
    If you have internet cafe and 2 brother who will compose one of your pet for you while you will be composing 1st – will be not tolerated. Such a behaviours will be suspected by using bad practise (autocomposers etc) and can proviee to ban!

    You may not ask about account information (including passwords, email address, or any other information not available in the public profile). Such a practices will be taken as an act of attack on player and will be punished!

    5) Using bugs in game for self good – will not be tollerated and will lead to BAN and clean of whole EP!(also other consequences depending on kind of abuse!)
    -Overusage of system was and is forbidden (for example: If certain feature is blocked from mannequins access and written – dont overuse it or will end bad – then respect this or receive hammer!)
    6) We wont be tolerating accuses going into GH side! Like it was explained in few threads (where everything was described) – GH are not PM/GM and are not special treated as well dont have additional privilages! THEY are normal players that success itself with hard work by FAIR playing! Their work and duties is described under GH duties and description topic.

    By breaking this rule and accusing our GH without any proves (really nice ones) will provide BAN (BOTJAIL) for 3 days…!
    7) Naming Pets/Characters using: rude, offensive, bad words etc … words are not allowed!
    Because this rule was not pointed very clear before – all players has 2 days from now to change bad named pets … After this time all spotted out of rule names will be changed to “NOTALLOWED” and could provide botjail for 1 day.
    8) Using XP skill bug is FORBIDDEN (by using XP skill as a normal skill if forbidden and will be punished like BUG usage!)(because it was fixed and only possibility to make it to work is by CERTAIN PLAYER action – it will be always hard punsihed if spotted!
    9) Advertising own in game products (pets, items, EP) to sell for real money IS FORBIDDEN and will be punished if someone will be catched on this!

    10) SCAM ISSUES!
    By giving login and pass to your account you take on you FULL responsibilities for all acts that will happen during your absence!
    IF someone will steal your pets, items, ep while being logged on your account when you are offline, Its not our problem and we wont be investigating such cases anymore!! ITS YOUR job to be sure nothing like this will happen!
    Remember scammer – This DOES NOT MEAN you will not be ban for making fool from friends! Hammer will hit all who will try to overuse this rule! (so even if this rule saying person who were cheated wont get help doesnt mean you will finish with scammed pet and whole account banned! So be prepared!)

    11) FAMILY WAR rules:
    “Player cannot occupy and fight for family in more then 1 map during 1 day!”
    “Player cannot borrow pets to other players to help fighting in family maps – if this player already used those pets during 1 family war map this day!”

    RUDE…OFFENSIVE OR RACIST BEHAVIOUR – meaning: no swearing, no calling people fags and homo’s etc, no insulting or degrading of players mothers/fathers/sisters etc. Where people are from is of no consequence when your in game so no racist behavior of any kind. Not obey this rule will make BAN for certain of time (1-7 days).

    For all botting issues related – what is it/what’s the punishmend check here (IMPORTANT!):

    Here is something that was lost not so long ago because of roll back forum … but this should be here:

    – SWAER on BC or on other mode like even whiper etc (for whisper mode only if someone send proves!)
    – NOT ENGLISH language on BroadCast!!! (in game GH’s will be giving warnings, if you wont listen it can provide you warning here or right away PUNISHMENT!!)

    You all will ask why? BECAUSE these are rules here!! Everyone (beside few who break rules) have enough seeing talking players on BC in their own langauge, many times poeple swear there in their own language which is as well forbidden!

    Now to be clear – WARNING is only ONCE(doesnt mean it will end with instant ban as well), next time will be PUNISHMENT like:
    Botjail for chosen amount of days OR lost all ep OR both!

    For information about banned accounts always look here:LIST OF BANNED ACCOUNTS/CHARACTERS!!

    Please all do your best to follow few simple and most basic RULES here and everything will be alright.

    Thanks and Regards

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