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Every 1 USD donation == 10 Divine Stones

DIVINE STONES Details:…vinestonebags/

Donation Promotions:
50 USD Donation == 10 DS per each 1 USD + 10% bonus (e.g. 50 USD donation would give 550 DivineStones)
100 USD Donation == 10 DS per each 1 USD + 15% bonus (e.g. 100 USD donation would give 1150 DivineStones)
200 USD Donation == 10 DS per each 1 USD + 20% bonus (e.g. 200 USD donation would give 2400 DivineStones)
300 USD Donation == 10 DS per each 1 USD + 25% bonus (e.g. 300 USD donation would give 3750 DivineStones)
500+ USD Donation == 10 DS per each 1 USD + 30% bonus (e.g. 500 USD donation would give 6500 DivineStones)

When using Divine Stones at DonationShop in game player will gain addiotnally (besides the reward that is buying):
* 200000 x Divine Stones used in shop as == EPs (e.g. 100 DivineStones used at shop will give 20.000.000 EPs)
* Super VIP experience (each DS used provide +1 SVIP Exp) (As bigger SVIP as bigger DISCOUNTS at Donor Shop)


Player can obtain everything that is visible under Donation Shop in game (Coords: Cronus: 343:346).
Additonally player can buy from Shop 5~USD~Requesters in proper amount to calim one of special rewards:

>>>***<<< VIP LEVEL
VIP lvl 4 == 10 USD (advance from lvl 1 to 4)
VIP lvl 5 == 15 USD (advance from lvl 1 to 5)
VIP lvl 6 == 20 USD (advance from lvl 1 to 6)
VIP lvl 7 == 30 USD (advance from lvl 1 to 7)
VIP lvl 8 == 40 USD (advance from lvl 1 to 8)

So for example if player has VIP lvl 6 then will need 20 USD more to get into VIP8 (this means 4x will need to prepare).

>>>***<<< Character NAME Change == 1x 5~USD~Requesters (or 1xGoldenAnimal)
>>>***<<< Switch GENDER to opposite == 1x 5~USD~Requesters (or 1xGoldenAnimal)
>>>***<<< Lower 10 Levels == 1x 5~USD~Requesters (or 1xGoldenAnimal)
       >>>***<<< Own Unique AVATAR == 5x 5~USD~Requesters
       >>>***<<< Own Unique HAIR == 5x 5~USD~Requesters
Currently creation of new casuals/hairs/avatars is under HOLD! Sorry for this. When Most important work will be done and more time left for doing such actions – this will be brought back.

>>>***<<< GEARS
Geats is possible to buy piece by piece from DonationShop for DivineStones!
Server MERGED offer gear: +255, fsoul8 with 4 x 255 elements

– All donation gears on Standard and Extreme Server that is +12 and +150 can be still upgraded into +255 (4x 5~USD~Requesters from 12 to 150 and same price for upgrade from 150 to 255)
– Reminder:
Donor gear (besides weapons) can be upgraded into doomsday gear for 1 GA
Doomsday any Donor weapon can be changed into any other Donor doomsday (or normal) weapon for 1 GA!
UPGRADE normal weapon(125 lvl) into any Doomsday weapon == 2x 5~USD~Requesters (100 Divine Stones worth) (or 4x Golden Animals)

>>>***<<< SUMMON4 
Summon 4 – 700 DivineStones (14x 5~USD~Requesters)

– Very individual Casual Suit (with additional patk,matk,pdef,mdef,dodge bonus) == 10x 5~USD~Requesters (500 Divine Stones worth)
Your own colored, designed suit (you must give your own project) or chosen from ones already available in game (original name of item and description on demand)
:::: BONUS :::: Attributes bonus that gives you possibility to avoid being killed by Guards in cronus and other maps!!! Prepare yourself for PKing!
4000-4500 magic attack
5000-5500 physical attack
3000 physical defense
2500 magic defense
2500 dodge
2500 hit rate
500 durability

– 255 x 4 Elements placed on Casual (ANY – can be applied to normal or donor casual) == 4x 5~USD~Requesters (200 Divine Stones worth)
– Each(max 3) Special Effect added into “Donator Casual” == 4x 5~USD~Requestetrs (200 Divine Stones worth)
– Donation Casual EDIT (this includes: cahnge of design, icon, name, describtion and even all effects that suit posses) == 5x 5~USD~Requestetrs (250 Divine Stones worth)
– Special Effect Edit (only special effect update on suit) == 2x 5~USD~Requestetrs (100 Divine Stones worth)
Currently creation of new casuals/hairs/avatars is under HOLD! Sorry for this. When Most important work will be done and more time left for doing such actions – this will be brought back.

– Very Individual Casual Design for Legion needs (x100) == 30x 5~USD~Requestetrs (1500 Divine Stones worth)
individual made based on these that are already in game available or little different one …)
Specifications for Legion casuals attributes:
1200-1200 magic attack
1400-1500 physical attack
1200 physical defense
1200 magic defense
1000 dodge
1000 hit rate
300/300 durability
Additional information:
Legion Casual suit will have original name and description made for legion!
Casual can have legion name on suit or special marks, colors etc etc (can be created with GM help…)
Casual for certain legion can’t be wear for any other member of other legion (will be restricted by rules and PM will be always in information!)
Casual will be spreading only by legion leader (legion leader will receive max 100 suits for his needs to spread along members!)

>>>***<<< LEGION TOTEMS = Open ALL == 5x 5~USD~Requestetrs (250 Divine Stones worth)——————————————–DONATION AGREEMENT TERMS:
1. Refund Policy
Demon-Online Reloaded will not provide refunds under any circumstances. If you are banned, you will not get a refund. If you do not favor the service, you will not get a refund. If you unexpectedly did not receive your donation award, and don’t have any proof of your donation, you will not get a refund. You may appeal your donation refund on the forums or directly on e-mail, and we will review your case. But we 99% guarantee that you will receive your donation award. But if you’re not ready to take these minute risks, please refrain from donation to Demons-Online Reloaded. It’s not integral for you to donate, it’s completely optional as well its not a shop of any kind!
2. Donation Rewards
When you donate to Demons-Online Reloaded, it is understood that you’re actually “donating” at your own risk. Donation items are exclusively rewards for your consideration into donating to Demons Online Reloaded. You’re not paying for any service, you’re donating to keep our servers up. We’re not selling virtual items, when you donate, you take the risk(s) involved in donating as listed in the “Refund Policy”. We 100% guarantee you that all donations go for the maintenance for the website and servers.
3. Indemnification
You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless, our subsidiaries, affiliates, related parties, officers, directors, employees, agents, independent contractors, advertisers, partners, and co-branders from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney’s fees, that may be made by any third party, that is due to or arising out of your conduct or connection with this web site or service, your provision of Content, your violation of this Terms of Use or any other violation of the rights of another person or party.

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