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    Alright then, the time for super explanation came…

    Small enter – Last days we started receiving very sad information that people are not exactly sure what Botting means and they are pretending fools using this small glitch in rule so now it will be explained and any looking for avoid punishment will be not accepted!


    !!! You are standing, and Your pet is using skill continually? If we add to this that you are afk – even for a 30 seconds = Botting = punishment!
    – holding key pressed as well clicking it via any program that do it for You = the same = way for botting! !!!

    -> If You use one character to bot and then You will just trade or sell ep earned = both character or even account banned!
    -> If you use your character in a way that is indistinguishable from botting, you will probably be banned. You can try to explain – but not necessary your explanation will be accepted!
    -> Explanation “I didnt know/didnt read rules” is not an answer and wont be taken into consideration in defense!
    -> If You are not sure if You are botting – and dont wanna make stupid mistake – post it as a qustion to be explained after which You will be sure!
    -> … it is possible that will be updated by additional info!
    -> If You we receive many information that you were botting, You will be taking into special watch out times and belive or not – You will be caught soon or later!
    -> This is covering all maps, all places where player is standing and its possible to him to kill mobs that are giving any amount of ep!
    This means:
    Family wars, Legion Wars, PK tournaments etc are not in the list
    but events like netherfals and similar where there are monsters dropping normal – it is civering

    How we know?
    -> All PM’s are eligible to punish botter – we will simply be crossing lands with other or even PM characters – simply we will be trying to talk with You (if no response in 3 minutes will be given + we spot that one of the explained situations is happening – You will be simply get banned without even explaining why – for answer just read rules one more time!
    -> All players are obligated to participate in searching for bots 🙂 How?
    —- Check if any of the PM’s are presently online (SoulNecturn[PM] or Walid[PM]) if so contact and explain what were we need to go and look for botters!
    —- If any PM is online at certain moment then will be best if You do this:
    – make screen shoots while trying to talk with person and seeing its not moving but using skill… Make screen shot, wait 2 minutes while talking… make screen shoot again, try to kill botter, make screen shoot proving it didnt even moved after beeing killed and not answered…
    Try to make these evidences most possible visible and bright – since we need nice proves and dont want to make mistakes….
    After this just post in this thread this screen shoots as an attachments!
    + put these vital information:
    and additionally would be best to add:
    — Server time you saw them botting

    1st time spotted and proved = BAN for 3 days in game
    2nd time spotted and proved = BAN for 8 days in game
    3th time spotted and proved = BAN for 13 days in game
    4th time spotted and proved = BAN for 18 days in game

    For banned people:

    You were banned and asking if really and why?

    Are you sure you were banned? If you are banned you will find yourself on the list on bottom!

    Getting unbanned will be difficult, we probably have screen shots of you botting. If you really think you’ve been set up, contact a GM or PM in game, or send us a message on the forums.

    BANNED by BOTTING list:

    Character name | Reason or not | Date of start | Date of End





    Demons Online Team

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