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    Ok we cannot go more in that way as its nonsense… Most of players just dont know how to even report problem or inform about something or just contact PM …


    When you send E-mail to PM or Private Message via forum ALWAYS include information like:
    – proper account name OR proper Character name
    – Which server you playing!

    (*- If you requesting pass change or similar stuff additonally binded email!)
    – Describe the problem best as you can!

    Now whats the fail in most of your cases…
    For example you see message writing “Error Connection problem, please contact Soulnecturn right away via his email:“…
    and what most of you do is (let me put some examples:

    example of email:
    Hi, i need help..cant log into my acc ive tryed to download server again,i hadnt played for like 4months and now that i tryed i cant when its bout to login is says [Connection with server is Interupted, and to contact you,my bro and wife also cant log in,plz help

    example of PM:
    Hey Soul, I’ve encountered a problem while logging in the game and it says to send a PM to you so that you can solve the problem ASAP, hopefully you’ll be able to do so!

    Thank you in advance1 🙂



    I can’t login in my account :/


    And more and more – dont have time for copy paste messages …. I hope all got the idea :/

    To be clear, I have enough writing sometimes few times to players who send such a info and requesting those basic info like nick and which server … Why this is not obvious that those info are always required -.-

    Sometimes I believe some emails is just to joke and make angry.. Please people – if you need help – we will help but at least do little and write who you are and what you want from us -.-

    Here are details to contact me:
    Private Message on forum:
    In worst case our facebook page: (you can try to message me there but its place where will be slowest reaction from my side aside the 2 others…)

    Now – I will be sending back this thread to everyone who will send me another empty from information message…

    Thanks for cooperation

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