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    [EVENT] CHRISTMAS Events ̵...

    16 December 2016

    CHRISTMAS 2016   Christmas Events will take place on Demons Online between 16.12.2016 till 29.12.2016. There will be 5 in game planned Xmas Events with super rewards! XMAS – EVENT 1 – Xmas Sticks Loot/Drop DATE: 16.12.2016 – START 29.12.2016 – FINISH Details: During this event there will be posssible loot from monsters ... Read more

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    [FEATURE] Compose Tokens (forg...

    25 November 2016

    Compose Tokens   Main usage: Forging Universals30* / Universal36* or ComposeSouls<300 Item Details: – Tradable – Stackable till 65000 Amounts – Unstackable by option by right click on it     Describtion: ComposeTokens can be found in drop during minievents. On right mouse button click on this item will appear opt... Read more

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    Demons Clarification – R...

    13 November 2016

    PETS CHARACTERISTIC for REBORN SERVER   On Reborn server all pets are redesigned! This means they are not same lik on standard or extreme server! There are 6 TYPES (categories): WARRIOR Types (Main attribue rising: Patk and HP)(Convergable) MAGE Types (Main attribue rising: Matk and HP)(Not Convergable) DEFENDER Types (Main attribue rising: Pd... Read more

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    Demons Online REBORN – N...

    31 October 2016

    Greetings everyone, We are happy to inform that on 01.11.2016 at 20:00 Server Time New Server under Demons Online will be released – DEMONS ONLINE REBORN! Since few days there is already possibility to register new account for this new server but proper openinng (possibility to login into game) happen at provided here time! We wish to inform ... Read more

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    28 October 2016

    HALLOWEEN 2016   TIME: 25.10.2016 till 06.11.2016 EVENT 1 – Pumpkers LOOT + Drop  Time: 25.10.2016 – 06.11.2016 Info: All monsters on all maps will give possibility to provide directly into bag Pumpkers items as well chance for drop of these items!   EVENT 2 – Halloween BEAST spawning Time: 28.10.2016 – 03.11.2016 ... Read more

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