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Hello dear players!
Recently we got a lot of players feedback’s and some complains considering few game parts.  Additionally many of you wondering when will arrive next updates and new fun. So lets clear this little here in this post.

As you all know currently we are having 2 servers: Demons Online Classic and Demons Online 2.0. Both servers will be kept online and developed. There are No plans on abandoning works for any of them. Fact that last months focus was mostly on DO 2.0 but this is just because classic have someway many features to do in game while 2.0 is just base where mainly hunting exist – so some even existing in classic parts must be provided there – and this takes time. When this will be cleared – aim is to build updates for both servers together – as long will be possible to use on both – so sometimes 2.0 will get something extra sometimes classic and sometimes both same thing or little in different shape 😉 So remain calm and please be patient. The main problem and reason is always TIME – everything always require TIME to happen. Simplest addon require at least hours to prepare, some additional time to test and adjust… yes currently stuff like casuals are on hold – as yes sorry but this is not main priority while having so much to be done around for better good and usage 🙁 So Just please be understandable and patient all the time. Lets remember – no one here is developing server for itself – its all FOR YOU PLAYERS 😉 Tats been said lets get to the subject:

Within next days and weeks (will be divided partially certain actions) will happen changes:


Compose Rate will be Remodeled!
– Easy composing till at least few thousands Stars – meaning way more composes with high gains will be needed to do in order to get to 30* minor requirement which will make compose way slower – like it is now mainly 😉 But New hatched egg wont require anymore 1000 composes to see 1000* !! This will change!
– Composing pets that require 30* as minor will be giving same results like now – changes is about lower cases!
– Mounts – old ways composing – slow stars gaining like now – so stages will be easy to notice and catch!
– Compose Souls – will be possible to use only versions that work on pets over 10k*



LUCK Case:
This part is hard.  As everyone can notice its not best part that exist on server – since some time players started to make pets only via Luck – overusing by multiaccs gains of luck etc … There are already may pets made just via Luck that have over 100k or even 200k Stars! So decision was made.

LUCK WORTH Will be LOWERED by 100 times! This means if your pet gained 200.000 Stars from just luck after update will be getting just 2.000 Stars from same amount.
Currently max Luck to use on demons was: 3579000 which was allowing to make just via luck pet with 210.000 Stars – isnt this nonsense? You all agree right?
So this changing from now.
Luck will remain on pets. In later time can prepare item that will be removing the high amounts of luck if player will wish – for some gifts etc… so for now idea is about lowering luck worth by 100.
Within week of this action max will be provided Item-Extractor that will be giving possibility to extract luck from pets for something more valuable!



Currently on server – after merging with extreme server – we were left with ability to get Summon +5. This will change!
Max possible summon will remain 4 (if ever can be made via event +1).
ALL owners of Summon 5 will lose it and receive 1000 DS back!




– All Nobilities will be CLEANED – not only on ranking but as well on players – all will be working on this from beginning now!
– yes some with eps in bag can get it fast now
– Nobility TOP statue will be closed for usage for now until settlement (some days at least)
– All Nobilities will be placed to players money backup bag – the one that is used when booth or castle is sold… Later we can think about additional usage of it so players somehow will be able reuse these resources …
– Only way to gain Nobility as aim will be: EPs Gold and Dare Lands…
NOBILITY case is mainly Open – for now looking at players reaction – mostly old players which is UNDERSTANDABLE – we will put back 10% of nobility worth that was taken so new nobility gaining rules will have sense – old players will be backuped with some amounts keeping them on ranks and someway rest players can try to compete.

NOBILITY case closed in way:
– All taken nobility were provided back.
– ranking cleaned – until player with own nobility get into game
– Current obtaining ways are: EPs/GOLD doanting to nobility or DARE maps hunting – rarely any nobi item will appear…
– NOBILITY TOP STATUE – will be turned back to function later…



HP GR case:
This part will be set on AUTOMAT – so lets explain the problem and solution. When pet reach certain amount of HP GR – its LIFE when summoned can drastically lower (like from 24 mill HP to 4-6 Mill only). This problem is happening because max HP GR amount is to big and breaching the max set value! The only solution to solve/fix that is to keep max HP GR amount.
How? When player cross this amount on pet – system will automatically bring it to max amount – so after relog player might notice small decrease under star points (star points that mainly comming from this certain attribute only). So keep this in mind.

REALIZATION TIME: 23-30.11.2018


This part is very influenced by Luck part and summons. So described changes there have reasons here as well.
All pets max Stars will be aimed to bring as max to 200.000* ! Meaning player wont be able to compose more pet when it will reach 200k as will be impossible to use it!
BP – Server will be set to deal with MAX 900.000 BP on characters. This means player should never be more then 900k or dmg that is giving/taking might not be that good!
If player get 4 x 200k* pets = 800.000 BP + other BP amounts from rest parts – total BP should allow always to maintain limits and proper work.



– Server will receive new map to hunt on with new drops
– New daily action will arrive aka TOMB – player will be able to check how far can proceed fighting more and more monsters at once… depending on result will receive rewards
– slowly will try to adjust PKT to new caps and better securities inside
– Updates under Mentor and Family BP shares

REALIZATION TIME: 23.11.2018-31.12.2018 (will be done as fast as time will allow!)

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  • alt_example

    nitrez 07/08/2020 at 3:01 pm -

    Has this game still continued as of this time? August of 2020? Thanks..

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