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So we came to this point where this is happening.
Basing on many players requests since many months, recently we decided to arrange Voting inside servers (standard and extreme) considering the real demand! After few weeks of votings we can clearly see that bigger majority (around 90%) want this merge of servers to happen. So if that is the case we will follow the majority needs πŸ˜‰

* After voting standard server received additional bonus time for 2 weeks (until 30.04.2018) == 3x Compose Event + 1.5x Compose Souls Event.
* 30.04.2018 – Maintenance will happen on standard and extreme servers – This maint will be the Binding of Server statuses from which Merge will be made!
* 01-02.05.2018 (within 1-2 days around if wont be additional problems!) – New Merged Server will be released!
* Servers Standard and Extreme will be still ONLINE! Yes this means even the merge server will be available – old standard and extreme servs will be possible like before to access and play!
—- Rules of this:
=> Any results after 30.04.2018 on standard and extreme servers will not be taken into consideration under MERGED Server (data from 30.04.2018 backups will be final!)
=> Old standard and extreme will be online until end of May (this date might change depending on players attitude against new merged server!). Keeping online old servers is mainly for proper testing reasons (in problems or if players in the end wont love new merged version – there will be always turn back???)

* All accounts and Characters that were available on standard and extreme servers will be possible to use on new merged edition!
* All Extreme login names and Character names will receive addiotnal letters addiotnally (in order to avoid same logins and characters nicks)
Extreme server login names will receive “e7” signs in the end of old each login this means for example: if your login name on extreme server was “palace245” then to be able to Login it from merged version you will need to input “palace245e7” as new login name!
All Extreme characters will receive sign “E-” at the begining of old character nick so for example: if your character on extreme was called “GuantaNeMa” on merge server will be visible as “E-GuantaNeMa”.
– All extreme accounts will receive of course option to request changing Nickname into new one for Free (Once as compensation for not always welcome new nick!)
– There is no plans to change login names for players – sorry…
– On Merged server will be possible to buy Summon 4 and Summon 5 like it was possible till now on Extreme server!
– Merged server will be run under Extreme server Compose rates!
– All Booths/CastleMaps/LegionWarWinner/FamilyMaps/NobilityRecords will be cleaned (e.g. nobility will be updated after each player login basing on own old records!)
– There might be as well some losses under other cases like friends/exnemies etc lists (after merge will provide more details of what and where might be holes that will be required to rebuild by playing ;))

Summarizing – Whole May will be the month of trying and testing the Merged server version! In the end of the month we will arrange FINAL VOTING to check and confirm the eager of this whole action! IF somehow players will decide to get back to old ways by again Huge Mayority then we willl be taking next steps basing on these needs!

Any additonal details will be updated here of course.

UPDATE – 02.05.2018

* Patch 8335 is released and allowing to see possibility to Enter new MERGED SERVER!
* Reborn Server is currently offline (we used temporary its resources for best performance on new merged server). Reborn server since months had low populaltion – recent days/weeks daily even 0 online πŸ™ This is sad but giving us reasons to put it for now on hold until we decide what will happen – everyone who wish to fight for reborn existance can message own reasonings.)
* How to login to merged server?
Standard users will be able to login like before to standard (same login and password)
Extreme users will need to add “e7″ word at the end of the login that normally was used on extreme. For example” if you were logging to extreme with login “mustang” – now to merged server you will use login “mustange7” and Same password like before!
* Under merged version some parts were cleaned:
– friends/enemies/partners will need to be re-add by players again
– Nobility will get updated along with player login basing on character nobility amount used in old servers
– KeyShorcuts – meaning item slots ad magic keys will need to be set again
– Booths and CastleMaps are cleaned from owners! All owners from old servers will receive equivalent of worth (probably as amount possible to use later to rebuy)[When? Please be patient – soon or later will ;)- THANK YOU]
– LEGION CAMPS = This part is for now OFFLINE! We will do everything to bring it back working until 7.05.2018 max (keep hands tided ;)).

Please KEEP us informed about finding ANY kind of problems and bugs on this new merged server! This whole merging will be hard testing for whole May month! If will be liked by players like was requested then we will continue its growth and close officially old standard and extreme servers πŸ˜‰

  • alt_example

    MedoHasan 02/05/2018 at 6:44 pm -

    patches8335 not Download soul

  • alt_example

    Nova05 12/06/2018 at 5:24 pm -

    Please πŸ™ Im new and cant log in into the game. Im using the logging tool, registered onto the website and when I try to log in the game, it keep saying my password or account is invalid … πŸ™ Can you help ?

  • alt_example

    SHUEDHER 27/11/2018 at 5:25 am -

    I have a problem. I have created my user on the page but when trying to access it tells me that my id or password is invalid. What I do? Help.

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