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DivineStoneTokens – SEPTEMBER 2017 EVENT!



– not tradable
– stackable till 65.000 amount
– not movable into WH – always in main bag ONLY!
– Usable only till the 15.11.2017 (until shop NPC will disssapear – THIS ITEM WILL NOT BE USABLE AFTER – THIS EVENT WILL BE NOT REPEATED!)
– If you Drop it (THERE WILL BE WARNING BEFORE YOU DO THIS!) – you will lost it forever! There will be no claims back!

19.09.2017 Till 15.10.2017 – Gathering DST Time via many different ways!
Till 31.10.2017 – SHOP Available!

DivineStoneTokens Obtain Ways:
Currently there are few ways to get them – little by little in days will arrive few more!

* Hunt monsters to have chance finding 100 DST per Day! (every 00:00 server time day is resetting and from that time player can find next 100!)
Chance of finding 1 DST from monsters are not high.. not low 😉
* Slay 50 Beasts (ANY KIND) per DAY – and claim Free DST at NPC
* Slay 30 BlackDragons per DAY – and claim Free DST at NPC
* Daily Claims of DST (just login every day to grab free DST into bag!)(Day reset at 00:00 server time)
* Weekend Claims of DST (for 4 weekends in the row will be possible to get addiotnal free DST – based on D.lvl amount!) – First Weekend to claim 23.09.2017 (00:00)
* Get free DST everytime when claiming reward from TOP Totems (Top BP/ TOP D.lvl / TOP Nobility) – Available since 22.09.2017 (22:00 server time). [All players under 1.000 d.lvl will gain +50 DST free per weekend. Everyone with higher then 1k d.lvl will gain 50 DST +1 for every addiotnal 20 levels of doomsday – max till 250 for 5000 d.lvl!]


* Special additional Events
* Buy DST daily with Doomsday Experience
* maybe more 😉

At current momment (first days of event releases) Shop is not yet available. Shop will be open within days (before first week of event over ;)).
To clear out doubts what can be found there (for what DST will be possible to use):
* Donor Eggs like Dora/elemental ones (PPed of course!)
* Mount Egggs (Chosen special Donor mounts with PP will be possible to grab!)
* COMPOSE Packs (for proper high amounts of DST will be possible to claim stars on pet [made in same way like compose] – This will be possible to do only on pets that are over 100k stars or with PP!)
* D.lvl upgrades
* few more 😉

Mainly Be sure that received DST will be possible to easy use on cool stuff.

More details – along with updates 😉

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