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Hello everyone!

In this short announcement I would like to give few details about recent delays connected with managing requests and as well little about events for the info πŸ˜‰

DELAYS… Delays…
The case with delays related to managing for example Golden Animal requests or even suit edits and other thing requests is connected in most part with my (Soulnecturn) latest time messed up πŸ™ Generally nothing bad is happening – so dont worry – but personal live (family) + work (we all must earn to live right?) + loads of additional stuff (dont anyone of you sometimes have feeling that in time when you dont have it – you getting on head more and more?)… But case is that in last few months my time was very much degraded – time that normally I fully used on less even important part inside game (GAs etc). We have of course Walid around as well – but his time is in similar way in usage – but always in needs we are around and will be!!!
What does it mean? Well nothing much besides possible more delays until all settle up πŸ™
Thats why in this momment I would already wish to apology everyone who suffered such delay in getting realization upgrade etc reqeuesrs… and most importantly Editing or Making Suits requests via DivineStones. The problem with suits is deeper as for this part I mostly need way more time then on other simple requests. Currently I must admit that more then few casual requsts are waiting – some even over month πŸ™ Thats bad – thats why I am writing this announcment here.
I surely would like to write – will be done today or tomorrow – but as much as I try – doing little by little – I cannot tell when will finish fully all (the ones that are waiting :().

The idea I came up into is – For now stopping the edit/making Suits requests -> This at least until I finish and release the awaiting ones πŸ™
The other idea is as well to find someone who simply would like to help in making/editing suits – in way that I will just prepare patch etc from done it πŸ™ But not sure who know how to and would like to do such work (of course for some gratification – DivineStones if need even ;)). IF ANYONE reading this – and know how to and would like to give handful hand just let me know πŸ˜‰ But please – please – dont need someone who would like to help but need to be teach first (sorry but thats the case – teaching how to would take even more time :().

Under this I would like to calm down everyone- I will be still TRYING to do everyday at least once all requests but still all must have in mind that it can take up even till 3 days – Sorry :(.

Mainly together with Walid we are trying to bring more new fun into game – to make this happen new ideas must be planned and coded properly along with proper securities (without which these days server would be doomed ;)!). Such things requeire again time – and thats why sometimes events are Not that Big even we would wish. Sometimes event is planned but in the end might be delays 1-2 days because of needs… But please remember – we will be bringing new events and new ideas non stop – every time whenever time allow πŸ˜‰

About updates I would like to write few words as well.
Generaly Demons Online as you all know exist since … almost 9 years?? Yes we operate that long – but no worry its not yet over πŸ˜‰ Noooot yet πŸ˜‰
I do have nice bigger list of updates that are awaiting to be done – some are done – some awaiting for me to adjust and attach properly and some simply awaits for own development time… but mainly ideas and resources for more pleasure inside game is loads still!
Thats why bare with us – be patient πŸ˜‰ We will update the server more then ones in big way in proper time πŸ˜‰

Summarizing this short message.
Please understand our situation little. Dont be mad that you must wait few days for simple request. Dont be mad that your suit is not yet finished πŸ™ Dont be mad that new updates are not so often now. And whats most important – Dont think Demons Online is done with releasing new things πŸ˜‰ We always were pioneering in releasing new ideas and stuff into eudemons private server world and I am sure this will be continued πŸ˜‰

Your beloved Demons Online Team πŸ™‚

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