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Event describtion:

During this event players will be able to gain additional options for CLAIMS or EXCHANGES while HUNTING!

When hunting on “all maps”, after killing at least 1k monsters player start receiving “chance” (around 1/40) to receive window with OPTIONS to claim free stuff or just to exchange own d.exp into stuff in benefit way.

* Kill minimum 1.000 monsters
* After killing 1k monsters there will be 1/40 chance on each next monster slayed to receive random BONUS option
* Each time player Claim or Do the Exchange via Bonus Option – amount of 1k monster slayed will be erased. This means in order to see next Bonus Options will be required to kill another 1k monsters at least!
* If player wont choose reward/exchnage option from Bonus Window – nothing will happen – after killing more will be able to see again next option (same or different!). This way player is not required to use option that system is suggesting at certain momment!
* Depending on Doomsday Level players will receive different possible Options. For example players with 5k D.LVL will get chance to claim more eps/d.exp then other normal players… Still exchange options can appear same way for everyone.
Other example – player with XX d.lvl will see cost for leveling up adequate to his lvl (meaning Bonus option will always suggest only benefit kind of option ;)).

Some ScreenShoots:

Enjoy! 😉

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