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Christmas Events will take place on Demons Online between 16.12.2016 till 29.12.2016.
There will be 5 in game planned Xmas Events with super rewards!

XMAS – EVENT 1 – Xmas Sticks Loot/Drop

16.12.2016 – START
29.12.2016 – FINISH
During this event there will be posssible loot from monsters special item: XmasSticks. These items can be used to purchase special stuff at Xmas Shop!


XMAS – EVENT 2 – ~Xmas GiftPacks

19.12.2016 – START
27.12.2016 – FINISH

During this event there will be ways to get new special Xmas Box. Xmas box will contain loads of different rewards – depending on opener luck… inside will be able to find eps. d.exp and even items like ini forgers, unixes OR DivineStones(rare)!!

Ways to obtain XmasGiftPacks
* Xmas SHOP – price 250 Xmas Sticks
* HARD Drop from all monsters during the huntings (as a DROP not loot!)
* Gifts for Everyone at Logging into the game between 19-27.12.2016 – amount of XmasGiftPacks will depends on player Doomsday Level (as bigger level as more boxes for free!).
* other Xmas events …

POSSIBLE REWARDS after opening XmasGiftPacks:
After openinig XmasGiftPack player will get one of listed rewards randomly (as well random amount like listed) depending on … luck! (DivineStones are RARE so dont expect to get loads of them – but for sure expect to get some ;)).
* EPs (max around 1.600.000 EPs per single open reward)
* D.Exp (max around 800.000 D.Exp per single open reward)
* INIs [IniHP+10(2-15 amount) or Adv.IniHP+1 (1-5 amount)]
* ComposeSoul<300* (2-15 amount) (Reborn: 1-5)
* Universal36* (2-15 amount) (Reborn: 1-5)
* XmasSticks (max 230 amount per single open)
* ExpShards (max 800 amount per single open)
* DivineStonesBag (1-5 amount)


XMAS – EVENT 3 – ~BadSanta Slay Time

21.12.2016 – START
28.12.2016 – FINISH

During this event it will be possible to catch Bad Santas on maps… When will be killed, will provide special rewards like: xmas gifts boxes or XmasGiftPacks… BadSanta can appear on any map when randomly monster will be killed.

LockedGift possible rewards:
* LuckBursts (V10 and even V1000 and LuckConatiner2500!)
* Universals36*
* Nobilities
* EPs cards (10k till 27 Mill ones!)
* PPs
* LifeSparks
* D.LvlUppers
* Rare: DreamSleigh/HolyElephant/ComposerPackB/DoomStormBook/LuckBursterV500x10/50millEPs…


XMAS – EVENT 4 – ~SnowMan Making 

21.12.2016 – START
31.12.2016 – FINISH

During this event players will be able to find snows on all maps… Found SnowBalls will be possible to use to build Big SNOWMAN at Cronus. Rewards will be unixes36!

SNOW Ways to obtain:
* SnowPiles foundable on maps (Cronus/MistyMarsh/IceLand/Island/DarkMarsh/LostLand/GobiDesert)
* Possible drop from all monsters…

SNOWMAN Location:
Cronus: 315:529

XMAS – EVENT 5 – ~Christmas Tree 

22.12.2016 – START
27.12.2016 – FINISH

Hang your Sock and after fixed time claim special mounts… or other special items 😉


23.12.2016 – START
28.12.2016 – FINISH

During this event time all players can claim from Santa free goodies. 1 Player can claim Once per event free stuff!

Player can claim once per event rewards that will be provided basing on player Doomsday level. How it works:
* +XX Amount of Universal36*[GIFT] ones where XX is the player doomsday level!
* +XX Amount of CS<9999 (NT) where XX are player doomsday level divided by 10
* +XX Amount of AdvIniHP+1 (PP) where XX are player doomsday level divided by 15

Hope most of you will get proper usage from the free goodies 😉


16.12.2016 – START
03.12.2016 – FINISH

After donating X amount of money player will receive addiotonally:
* 25% More DivineStones (25% from totall amount already with bonuses e.g. 100 usd provide 1150 DS + 25% will give total == 1440 DivineStones!!!!!)
* For each 1 USD donated player will receive addiotnally 5.000.000 EPs as additional bous into Bag! (100 usd = 500.000.000 EPs as addititional bonus!)
* After Donating 300+ USD player will receive 1 Free Donor Mount of own Choice (any!).

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