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TIME: 25.10.2016 till 06.11.2016
EVENT 1 – Pumpkers LOOT + Drop 

Time: 25.10.2016 – 06.11.2016

Info: All monsters on all maps will give possibility to provide directly into bag Pumpkers items as well chance for drop of these items!


EVENT 2 – Halloween BEAST spawning

Time: 28.10.2016 – 03.11.2016

Info: During the hunting player will have chance to have appeared in front of him Halloween Beast!
HalloweenBeast have 100 HP only, low power (so even low BP players should easly kill it!).
Drop from Halloweenbeast is fully random (can give all kind of items…).



Pumpkers items can be used to Buy special items and eggs are Halloween SHOP!
28.10.2016 New items were provided to shop: 2 New 2016 Hallow Suits + 1 New Hair type + 3 Mount eggs that normally are obtainable via DivineStones only!





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