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NPC: Cronus 352:418 – EVENT NPC


NPC: Cronus 308:544 – Always LOVE SHOP


Current event TIME:
Time: 18-27.09.2015 (from maintenance till maintenance!)

Items: LovePack and Chocolate

– they are NOT TRADABLE!
– they will dissapear if dropped!
– Stackable till 65000 amount

The aim of this Love event is to hunt in team with your SPOUSE! And ONLY with your spouse as best effect
During the event time all monsters will be giving possibility to provide (yes directly into your bag!) Chocolates if you are in team or without!
Additionally You can work for your Spouse.
While you will be in party with your Spouse and together will hunt, you as a LEADER of team getting additional chance to win special LovePack items that will be automatically provided to your spouse bag!

LovePack and Chocolates are stackable till 65000 amount!
LovePack items can be used. When they will player will receive randomly 1-20 Chocolates additionally!

In other words – Everyone of your separately gathering Chocolates by slaying monsters and additonally couples will receive LovePack (only spouse of leader!) that can boost greatly amounts of Chocolates

Drop Rate is pretty good. You should be able to gather good amounts within events time – if you wont just stand afk of course
As more your spouse will work for you as more you will benefit Lets see how he/she loves you

NUMBERS – ok decided to write % of chance to receive Chocolate or LovePack
3,5% chance to get Chocolate from killed monster for everyone (in solo or team fight)
1% chance to provide your spouse LovePack (it contain 1-20 Chocolates) directly to his/her bag when killed monster by you as leader

For everyone who saying that hunting with spouse does not provide LovePacks!
YOU MUST be NEAR your spouse (screen + little size at max far) in order to benefit form this!
This means you mut hunt NEAR your spouse not from far away…
Please remember about this!

Chocolates can be exchanged under 2 NPCs – one at cronus entry and 1 at market LOVE SHOP

For exchanging Chocolates player will have ability to claim many special love suits. Additonal some items and special items with mounts!

Good luck and hopefully everyone will enjouy the fun

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