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There are 5 animal items: Spider, Cat, Snake, Rat, Dog + 1 Golden Animal that can be created from 5 animals! 
Only 5 animals can be found in drop! Golden Animal (GA) can be created from 5 animals or obtained via Logger Shop or Seth Shop or DivineStone Shop!
Each kind of item can be found on certain map!

Gobi land: D-O_ITEM_A (Rat)
Dark Marsh: D-O_ITEM_E (Spider)
Ice Land: D-O_ITEM_B (Dog)
Island: D-O_ITEM_C (Snake)
Volcano: D-O_ITEM_D (Cat)

DROP RATE of these items are totally low!!!!! (this is challenge and its not meant to be easy!)


>>> REWARDS for 1 Golden Animal:
– Substract 10 levels from character
– Change gender to opposite
– Change NickName to new chosen one
– Change “Maker name” for donator gear
– Change “type” of donator gear into requested type (Details:
– Upgrade weapon (check details about this request!) (Details:
– Remove “ORBs” from chosen pets/mounts
– Remove “Luck” on chosen pets/mounts into 255 (this is not suggested – LUCK are not doing any bad effects!!!)
– Change Pet type to different look (dora/elemental etc types) (Details:

[***] New nickname:

– cannot be longer then 16 characters!
– cannot contain illegal signs like “[” or “]” that are available only for staff!
– please provide even few new nicks if you are unsure if any of them are unavailable!
– when changing nickname – maker name on gear will be changed as well as long old nick is same on gear!

[***] Changing Maker name:
– change will be done only for donator (255 elemental) gear!
– change will be done on ALL donor items on character (If you dont wish write in details which gear you wish to change only!
– You can chose other nick to be changed into instead of character wearing it! (can be empty even!)

[***] Changing Type of Gear into another:
– for 1 GA player can change gear into other type (from old to doomsday gear too – weapon is not included in this edit!)

[***] Upgrading Weapons:
– Upgrade from Normal (125 lvl) weapons to Doomsday Weapons require 4 Golden Animals (or 10 DivineStones)
– Upgrading from Doomsday Weapon to Normal require 1 Golden Animal
– Upgrading from Doomsday Weapon to other Doomsday Weapon require 1 Golden Animal
– You can upgrade weapon that is equipped to weapon that you cannot currently wear yet BUT be aware that if this weapon will be taken off (repair, PKed…) you wont be able to equip it back until requirements will be meet (or change it by GA request again…)
– Please always provide proper weapon name into which you wish to change basing on these list:
– Remember that most (Seaseon 1-2) doomsday weapons have 1 Hand and 2 Handed version – its you decision to chose which one you like better
– When upgrading to REAPERS you can chose from: (Please remember that Reaaper weapons works ONLY with Reaper type skills!)
ReaperK (lvl 40 doomsday) – lance
ReaperV (lvl 40 doomsday) – claw
ReaperKM (lvl 200 doomsday) – lance
ReaperVM (lvl 200 doomsday) – claw
ONLY … All higher weapon versions you can get by leveling them up by itself in Market (Level Upgrader!)

[***] Removing ORBs
– You can request to remove Orb from 3 maximum pets for 1 GA
– When ORB is removed pet will not lose Stars!
– Please provide proper IDs of pets in details when requesting this (if pet doesnt have yet ID – please evolve this pet first into 3rd evolution so it will achieve it!)

[***] Lowering Luck
– You can request to lower luck on maximum 3 pets per 1 GA
– Luck will be decreased to amount 255 (not lower)
– When lowering luck – pet WILL LOSE star points! (apply to Standard and extreme Servers only!)
| AzuraiBarbarian = 3 StarPoints per 1 luck
| MagePegasus/MageDragon = 5 StarPoints per 1 luck
| Dora/Nailuo = 5 StarPoints per 1 luck
| BlackPearl(mount) = 5 StarPoints per 1 luck
| Elemental pets = 5 StarPoints per 1 luck
| WatchOrer = 5 StarPoints per 1 luck

[***] Change Pet type to other look:
– You can switch 1 elemental pet to another elemenetal pet. For example Earth into Tidal change…
– For 3 Golden Animals you can upgrade pets into Adv. Pets (only attaching to proper pet types!). Please find out more here:



You can do this in multiple ways (depends what you prefer):

– Use FORM Below to provide details and send request
– Send directly on SoulNecturn[PM] request:
– Use Contact form visible on website menu 
– Use Contact form available at LoginTool

Whatever option you prefer to use PLEASE always include in message:
TITLE: Golden Animal Request
Server: ? 
Login name: ?
Character name: ?
Details: full describtion about your request (like which pet, which gear etc…)

After sending request Please Be PATIENT. We are unable to do instantly all requests. Please remember that this is one of the services we offer for Free from our good will. So again asking for calm and patient and to observe own email for an answer on request 😉

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  • alt_example

    MedoHasan 20/01/2017 at 9:52 pm -

    i play in server REBORN my namy : !*Medo^Hasan*! i have pet AzuraiBarbari i have GA i need change my pet GLADLATOR

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